Springtime in the Rockies!

One of the (many) things I love about where I live, is how Colorado experiences four very distinct seasons. This time of year is just amazing! Still cool in the am, then bright and sunny in the day. While just yesterday we were blessed with a softly falling snow shower, whose flakes were the size of the palm , of my daughters hand.  The prairie looks like a big brown carpet with a green hue eminating from the undergrowth coming alive after lying dormant all winter. The decidious trees’ branches are bedecked in random patterns of tiny little bumps showing the promise of producing tender buds. And I swear one could burn thier retinas  if they stare too long at the dazzling illumination off the still snow-capped mountain peaks.  Although I love and appreciate winter, I am ready to head to the home improvement centers. Stroll the aisles and start planning the spring clean up and planting projects.  But for now, repairs and improvements can wait :) I need to get to the Riverwalk, and see how the expansion is going, check out the wares in any newly discovered shops along the way, and sip a latte while the boats and ducks float by.  

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